1960's Electrical Multimeter Desk/Table Lamp
  • 1960's Electrical Multimeter Desk/Table Lamp

    In the past, I have converted a couple of similar electrical multimeters into lights but this design is a first for me.  When I was disassembling this piece, I wanted to do more than just throw a light bulb on top of it and call it good.  Thats way too easy.  As I removed the front control cover to reveal the inner workings of this mid-century instrument, I was facinated at the complexity of it.  I couldnt just tear all of the inner workings out and throw them away, so I decided to make the electromechanical controls the focal point of this piece.  After tediously cutting out the sides and top of the metal housing, glass panels were installed on both sides and the top revealing the truly brilliant engineering that was this multimeter.