Appleton Electric Company, Heavy Industrial Desk/Table Lamp
  • Appleton Electric Company, Heavy Industrial Desk/Table Lamp

    The Chicago based, Appleton Electric Company was founded in 1903 by Albert Ivar Appleton and was family owned and opperated until 1982 when it was bought out by the Emerson Electric Company.  For almost 80 years, the Appleton Electric Company manufactured a wide array of industrial electrical components, including this explosion proof, conduit style, overhead light.  Originally, this style of lighting would've been installed as overhead lighting connecting to others just like it in rows on the ceiling of industrial, manufacturing factories.  


    When I found this piece, it was caked in rust, dirt and grease, but when I discovered the Appleton logo, I knew I had to rescue it.  After removing all the gunk and hitting it with a wire brush, the beautiful patina was revealed and I instantly knew how I wanted to design this piece.  I decided to flip it on end and installed the 60 watt, globular style, vintage light bulb to showcase the solid, glass dome on top but also to display the detailed, metal housing as well.  With this piece being 80% metal, I thought it would be a great candidate to house a touch dimmer switch to bring this light back to life.  The touch dimmer switch allows you to simply make contact with any metal surface and the light will provide three different light output settings; a low level, middle level, and full brightness.  Finally, when it comes time to replace the bulb, all you have to do is simply unscrew the glass dome on top, swap the bulb, and you're good to go!


    Like every other piece, I have wired a black, six foot, cloth covered, vintage style cord to this piece and a brand new, 15 amp, polarized plug!