Chemistry Laboratory Stand Turned Table Lamp
  • Chemistry Laboratory Stand Turned Table Lamp

    This piece here combines both my passion for science and my innate ability to create one thing from combining seemingly unrelated items together (just as you do in chemistry class).  When I came across these vintage round bottom flasks, I instantly knew what I was going to use them for.  Their distinct shape alone is enough to catch anyones attention, but when displayed how they are actually used in a laboratory setting along with dropping a light bulb down the middle of them, this piece instantly becomes the focal point of any room it is to be displayed in.  


    The round bottom flasks are held in place by two, mid century, Fischer Brand laboratory ring stand clamps and the two candelabra sockets are fixed down the flasks neck by two, rubber stoppers (also used in a legitimate lab setting).  One thing that is different between this piece and the others is the style of light bulb used.  Since the necks are so slender, a vintage style light bulb could not be utilized due to even the smallest bulb being to wide in diameter.  So what I had to use were two, flame shaped, night light bulbs.  Even though these bulbs are lower wattage compared to larger bulbs, they still emit an impressive amount of light, so with a push of the switch thats been fixed to the base, these round bottom flasks will without a doubt light up any room you choose to display it in.