Early 60's Electrical Multimeter
  • Early 60's Electrical Multimeter

    Featured here is a mid century, electrical multimeter manufactured by the DeVRY Technical Institute that was located in Chicago Illinois.  This multimeter was used to measure both DC and AC voltages in a circuit and the resistance of various circuits.  Whenever I create a piece, I always strive to incorporate the light switch into the piece intself, and this one was no exception.  As you can see from the photos, this multimeter originally had a large rotary encoder in the middle of the instrument to toggle between output signals.  I replaced the inner workings of this encoder with a simple dimmer switch, so with a gentle clockwise rotation, this multimeter provides anywhere from a dim glow to full light emmitance from the 60 watt, squirrel cage filament, vintage style light bulb that is fixed to the top of the piece.  To protect the light bulb, I have installed an explosion proof, metal cage around the bulb providing the age-old, industrial feel to this piece.  


    This piece also has a six foot, vintage style, black, twisted cord exiting from the back of the multimeter with a polarized, 15 amp plug that can be used with any outlet throughout your home!