Ernest & Jennings Medical Aspirator Pump
  • Ernest & Jennings Medical Aspirator Pump

    This piece is special to me because it combines and portrays my love of science and creation.  But first, here’s a little history of the medical pump itself.  


    This pump was manufactured in Los Angeles, California by Everest & Jennings (E&J) between 1960-1970.   E&J is still relevant in today’s medical device market but had early beginnings back in 1932 when Herbert Everest and Harold Jennings created the first folding frame wheelchair.  I wonder if they ever imagined one of their products (this negative pressure pump) would one day be turned into a lamp by some kid in small town America...probably not if I had to guess haha. 


    Anyway, as you can see from the photos, this pump is in tremendous condition for its age.  From the original olive green paint, to the crystal clear glass jars, the pressure gauge, and the original tags and labels, this piece is in pristine shape.  


    I wanted to make the collection jar the focal point of this piece, so I decided to invert the 40 watt, tubular style light bulb inside the jar itself so when the lamp is turned on via the original air hose attachment, the writing on the jar really pops.  


    This piece also has a brand new, vintage style, black twisted cord with a polarized plug to ensure proper and safe use of this lamp!  The light socket is a standard E26 socket so any bulb can be used in this piece!