"Floating" Solid Brass Water Spigot
  • "Floating" Solid Brass Water Spigot

    Although this piece isn't as large or seemingly as complex compared to my other work, it took the longest amount of time to create (well over a year).  Not only was there electrical work involved, there was some sculpting, mold making, and casting that went into the creation of this piece as well.  What inspired this work was the large, solid brass, water spigot.  With it being that size, I knew I wanted to create the illusion of the spigot floating in mid-air only being held up by flowing water.  So this is where the sculpting came in.  I first created the initial shape of the "water" out of modeling clay.  Then I applied multiple coats of a mold making compound all around the clay.  After hardening, the clay was removed and I was left with an exact mold of the water.  Next came the clear epoxy that was to be poured into the mold to create the water illusion.  


    Now came the most difficult and tedious part of this whole concept...progessively sanding and polishing the epoxy until it was completely transparent..all by hand with zero help from any power tool (trust me, I tired to use every electric sander I have and it was far too aggressive).  So after about three years of wet sanding and another six months of hand polishing, the water spigot was complete!  I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate the rotary switch into the brass handle, so with a simple clockwise turn, the "water" illuminates and reveals everything that was trapped inside the epoxy while it was solidifying..like the fully intact moth encased in the base...forever.