Mid Century Rotating GE Fan
  • Mid Century Rotating GE Fan

    This mid century GE fan is something I can guarentee you have never come across before.  Sure, transforming a vintage fan into a beautiful light has been done before and I'm sure you may have seen other similar pieces to this elsewhere, but here at Rewired, we take things just one step further.  Not only does this vintage GE fan emit a warm, welcoming glow with its three, 40 watt, globular, filament bulbs, but with a simple flick of the second toggle switch, the socket/bulb cluster begin to slowly rotate for as long as you desire! 


    I have done my research in attempts to find someone else out there that is able to do what we at Rewired have done with these vintage fans, but came up empty handed (which was great news for both you and myself)!  


    Just like all my other pieces, this lamp comes with a six foot long, vintage inspired, black twisted cord, a polarized, 15 amp plug, and the three, black aluminum sockets are all standard (E26) sockets.