Mid-Century, Two Gallon, Safety Gas Can Turned Table Lamp
  • Mid-Century, Two Gallon, Safety Gas Can Turned Table Lamp

    This automotive inspired piece definitely has quite the eye catching detail.  First and foremost, the original racecar red paint is in beautiful condition for its age.  As you make your way up the lamp, you'll notice the vibrant, polished brass name plate that reads "Underwriters Laboratories Inc."  This plate was in place to verify that this safety can would perform as advertised and had passed all other safety inspections back in the day.  Next, you probably noticed the winding, corrugated, metal hose slithering its way up and around the gas can.  I thought it was an interesting idea to incorporate not only this metal hose but also the solid brass gasoline pump to give the illusion of being able to pump gas out of this can.  


    Now enough about the obvious.  This piece has a six foot, vintage inspired, black twisted cord with a 15 amp, polarized plug on the end.  The cord was then wired directly to the on/off toggle switch that is located right on top of the gas can for easy access.  As I mentioned before, I thought the metal hose brought an interesting texture and appearance to the piece, but its not just for looks.  It actually houses the wire that is ran from the switch to the brass gas pump handle.  At the end of the pump handle, a standard E26 socket has been wired to the cord and on the end you'll find the 40 watt, five inch, vintage style light bulb that brings this old gas tank back to life with a simple flick of the switch.