Vintage Key Cutter Table Lamp
  • Vintage Key Cutter Table Lamp

    This mid-century, bench top key cutter was a perfect canidadate for my next project.  From the solid, triangular base, to the mini wire wheel, cutting wheel, all the way up to the steel grey, metal shade, this piece is true to the industrial style.  


    Before the rewiring took place, all original wiring, motors, switches, cords etc. were completely removed, the cutter was cleaned inside and out, then a wire brush was used to reveal the beautiful, original, blue paint.  After everything was cleaned up, it was time to start designing.  I decided to replace the original on/off toggle switch that was located front and center on the machine with a new, more prominant on/off toggle switch that was then wired to the five foot, vintage inspired, twisted black cord.  After making all the necessary connections, the wire was then fed up through the metal pipe in the back and wired to the brushed nickle, E26 (standard) light socket that the steel grey lamp shade is fixed to.  With such a unique and prominant piece, I decided it was only necessary to install a light bulb that held those exact same characteristics.  I landed on the 60 watt, spiral filamant, 15 inch long, water bottle shaped bulb.  This bulb was an ideal choice because if you look closely, the bulb posseses grooves of different sizes resembling the various grooves this vintage key cutter would've created when its' sole purpose was cutting keys.